CTI Brace

The CTi Brace protect the knee if you just had surgery or if you want to defend your knee from potential ligament injury.

Every single CTi (C for Carbon and Ti for Titanium) knee ligament brace is carefully handcrafted. The carbon fiber is laid specifically for each custom unit to properly match upper and lower leg proportions in order to support the knee joint correctly.

The way CTi is secured to the leg: the human leg has a lot of muscle mass, and that mass constantly shifts around during exercise as the muscle flex and extends. While the calf fluctuates more during this process than any other muscle on the leg, the muscles on the front of the tibia hardly move at all. This is the place where the CTi is locked into position with a rigid piece that wraps around the shin.

Other Notes

  • Össur (the manufacturer of CTi) is the only knee brace manufacturer to offer a life-time warranty on the frame and hinges of the CTi Custom.



Ponseti Clubfoot Brace (With Mitchell’s or The Dobbs bar)

This Ponseti clubfoot brace is part of the Ponseti method. This method is a manipulative technique that corrects congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery. It is a standard for the treatment of club foot. Orthocare is skilled in producing the Ponseti clubfoot brace that is used as part the method.

Other notes:

  • Orthocare can supply the Ponseti clubfoot brace with either the Mitchell’s bar or the Dobbs bar.
  • The Dobbs Bar lets children move and kick their legs independently.
  • Orthocare has been involved in clubfoot correction for over 30 years.
” The well treated clubfoot is no handicap and is fully compatible with normal, active life.” Ignacio Ponseti, M.D. (Source: http://www.ponseti.info/)

Spine Align Posture Cushion

Spine Align

Spine Align cushions supports the head, neck and upper vertebrae for natural spine alignment and superior comfort.

The cushions are made with high density quality memory foam for softness yet firm support. Memory foam is made with visco-elastic material that is temperature sensitive and so response to your body temperature. It spreads the applied pressure over a large surface area thereby reducing and alleviating painful pressure points.

Benefits include:

  • Relieves Headaches and neck problems
  • Reduces tossing and turning while sleeping


Obusform Backrest

Obusform Lowerback

The original Obusform backrest transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating and can be used at home, in the office, or during travel.

The “S”-shape of the Obusform Backrest Support moulds your spine into a more anatomically correct position.

Benefits include:

  • Enhance overall posture by supporting proper spinal alignment
  • Helps prevent fatigue by reducing strain and energy demand on muscles
  • Can provide relief from pain aggravated by poor posture including back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension and headaches
  • Can ease the pain caused by spinal disc problems and sciatica by reducing spinal compression

Other features:

  • Removable and adjustable lumbar pad offers additional back support that can be customized for your needs
  • Brushed nylon cover can be removed and sponge washed

Ossur’s Miami J

Demonstrated by multiple studies to be the superior immobilizer on the market, the patented Miami J Collar features a phenotype-driven sizing system that simplifies size selection, with 6 unique front and back components that are engineered to work optimally together for various anatomies.

Miami J is used for

  • C-Spine precaution for trauma patients
  • Immobilization for pre and post c-spine surgery
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis

Other notes

  • Orthocare is an authorised supplier of the Ossur Products

Exoform Knee Immobilizer

Exoform Knee Immobiliser
Exoform Knee Immobiliser

The Exoform Knee Immobilizer is the most adjustable knee immobilizer available. Össur’s unique Slide-to-Size™ approach enables the care provider to fit the widest variety of patients. This allows you to reduce your inventory. The Exoform’s unique posterior stay and dual-cuff design delivers greater immobilization compared to the old-style softgood approach.

Product Highlights

  • Slide-to-size adjustment enables you to provide the right fit for the largest variety of patient heights and widths
  • Dual-cuff design leads to the greatest immobilization
  • Popliteal pad provides superior fit and limits migration
  • Perforated padded liner for breathability and comfort
  • Cool foam version can be worn directly against the skin for greater comfort on warm days
  • Full foam version provides warmth and compression
  • Uncompromising durability
  • Easy to fit patient quickly

Range of Motion Brace

The Innovator brace from Ossur is a post-op or post-injury for Range of Motion control or immobilization in order aid recovery.

Product Highlights

  • Simply press, rotate and release flexion/extension settings
  • Low-profile hinge, with no exposed metal
  • Breakaway struts for easy, tool-free length adjustment
  • Locks quickly at 0˚, 10˚, 20˚, 30˚, 45˚, 60˚, 75˚ & 90˚


Hinged knee brace (Össur)

Össur’s Form Fit Hinged Knee Brace product line is a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality neoprene supports designed to meet the needs of any patient.

Product Highlights:

  • Six product variations to select the brace that is right for their patient
  • Accutrac ROM hinges provide anatomically-accurate tracking, extension control and additional medial-lateral stability
  • Open popliteal area reduces material bulging and irritation
  • Neoprene material provide comfort, retains heat for cold weather conditions and is highly durable for use in sports activities
  • Malleable rigid hinge arms provide intimate fit
  • Universal buttresses are included with all sleeve versions for customizable patella support



It is a rigid foot orthosis used to correct and/or stabilize a flexible foot deformity.

There are three main corrective forces found in a UCBL. The deep, well molded, heel cup holds the hindfoot in the corrected position while the arch of the UCBL supports the midfoot, stabilizing the midtarsal joint, and the lateral wall controls the outside border of the foot.